Health Seminar: “Your Gut - Your Brain - Your Immune System – Your Diet”

Health Seminar:  “Your Gut - Your Brain - Your Immune System – Your Diet”
From AUD $145.00
  • Duration: 7 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Harrisville, Queensland
  • Product code: Health Seminar

Join us at Summer Land Camel Farm as we bring together some of the hottest topics in health and science for a special one day seminar.

Jeffrey Flood, Physiotherapist, Biochemist and Nutritional Immunotherapist, draws on his 20 years’ clinical experience and the latest research and science to reveal our understanding of illness and disease and natural approaches to supporting and managing recovery.

In this interactive, experiential workshop, Jeffrey will bring to life the latest research findings, statistics and studies while explaining the scientific community’s current knowledge on the beneficial properties and characteristics of camel milk and how this natural product positively impacts our health.

This will be a full day of learning with real-life applications and practical advice, covering:

  • The biome living in you and on you and how it works with your body
  • Gut health and the Gut-Brain connection
  • Your immune system and how diet improves its function
  • How your skin really works and approaches to slow the aging process and keep it well 
  • Q&A
  • And more

Includes Morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and product tastings.

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