Better Homes and Gardens Tour

От AUD 30,00 A$
  • Продолжительность: 60 мин. (прибл.)
  • Место встречи: Harrisville, Queensland
  • Код предложения: Better H&G

Follow in Dr Harry’s footsteps on a special tour of Summer Land Camel Farm! 

On this tour, you’re guaranteed to see the camels being milked

  • Learn about camels and Australia's camel history
  • See 'Smart Tech Farming' operations
  • Meet our gentle camels
  • Supervised tour through the restricted access facilities and dairy
  • Experience the world's largest wild camel training centre
  • View wild camels and learn how trust is developed with their cameleers
  • Learn about camel milk, its powerful immune proteins and anti-aging ingredients and how they benefit human health
  • Taste the delicious camel milk and learn how it is processed into cheese, yoghurt and gelato
  • Understand the benefits of camel milk for your skin and view the production facility
  • View the advanced product development laboratory in action
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